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Nov 15

  1. Bengal NRI Complex Ltd. ( BNRI ) sent letter for final payment without following KMC Completion Certificate norms.

Dec 15

  1. 6th - Avinash Malpani & Ajay Agarwal created the WhatsApp Group.
  2. 11th - Urbana Flat owners had their first meeting in Avinash Malpani's Office & followed by 2nd meeting on 19th  Facebook Group & Google Group were created.
  3. 23rd - Meeting with the BNRI Management based on our letter of Issues & Concerns with 15 points.

Jan 16

  1. 15th - 2nd Meeting with the BNRI Management on the issues and concerns list.
  2. 25th - Letter sent to the BRNI Directors on the flat owners Issues and Concerns.

Feb 16

  1. 26th – BNRI Management officially recognised the existence of the Association. A meeting was held with Mr. Pradeep Surekha & Mr. R. K. Agarwal, Director of BNRI and the members of Urbana Welfare Association which raised 28 issues with the Board.

March 16

  1. 27th – 1st Holi Meet Organized by Urbana Welfare Association.

April 16

  1. 9th Meeting with Mr. Pradeep Surekha, Mr. R. K. Agarwal & Mr. Bacchawat and the members of UWA raised 30 issues.
  2. 13th Meeting with Mr. Pradeep Surekha on General Issues of Car Parking where it was suggested to take up the matter to the board for Not selling open car parking.

May 16

  1. 16th -1st Social Event Organized by UWA – Distributed books and colour pencils to 250 Students of Anandapur Government School – Kudos to Tarun Basu
  2. The MOM was received with few issues which were resolved with 14 major issues still unresolved.

Jun 16

  1. 11th June – General Meeting of Urbana Welfare Association
  2. 11th June – Soft Launch of website for the welfare association

July 16

  1. 2 July – Meeting with BNRI Directors
  2. 14 July- AC sub-committee meeting with BNRI team
  3. 15 July – Water sub-committee meeting with BNRI team
  4. 28 July – Durga Puja sub-committee meeting with BNRI team

Aug 16

  1. 7th Aug – Initiated and decided to hold the 1stDurga Puja in Urbana
  2. 12 Aug –Informed BNRI about UWA Preferred Telecom Services Providers

Sept 16

  1. Weekly Meeting in URBANA for Durga Puja

Oct 16

  1. 1st Oct–Meeting with the BNRI Directors
  2. 5th Oct – Partial CC for Phase I received by BNRI
  3. 7th to 11 Oct – Celebrated the 1st ever Durga Puja in Urbana
  4. 15th Oct – Shiv Ling Puja & Lakshmi Puja in Urbana

Nov 16

  1. 13th Nov- Celebrated Deep Utsav (Diwali meet) in Urbana Tower 2 Lawn with participation of over 200 flat owners.
  2. 24th Nov-BNRI agreed to accept Declaration on plain paper with revisions

Dec 16

  1. 19th Dec- Meeting with BNRI Directors followed by Open Forum with UWA members.
  2. 22nd Dec- Water sub-committee meeting with BNRI &FMC team.

Jan 17

  1. 15th Jan- Residents interactive session at Tower 7 Community Hall

Feb 17

  1. 9th Feb-Holi Milan planning commenced with selection of location and date; sub committee formed to organize and manage the event
  2. 18th Feb-Membership Drive to bring more Flat owners to UWA

Mar 17

  1. 18th March – Rangotsav Event at Urbana Courtyard.

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