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Birth of UWA

Urbana is a Project of 1100+ Flats & Villas spread over 66 Acres. Individual owner was facing difficulty in connecting with BNRI and other agencies to get things resolved while the problem was quite similar for each flat owner. 

In Nov’15, BNRI sent letters to many Flat owners asking to make final payment [even before obtaining Completion Certificate -CC from Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)] which was not in consonance with the terms. When the individual members approached BNRI requesting not to demand Final payment until CC, BNRI mgmt. did not agree. So in Dec’15 Mr. Avinash Malpani and Mr. Ajay Agarwal formed a WhatsApp group and invited Urbana flat owners to join for discussion of common issues and represent before BNRI as representative of flat owners. Urbana Flat owners had their first meeting on 11th Dec’15 in office of Mr. Avinash Malpani, followed by 2nd meeting on 19th Dec’15. Facebook Group and Google Group were also simultaneously created. As individual owners were facing issues with BNRI while dealing individually, they all realised true spirit of the proverb: “United we stand, divided we fall” and this worked like magic to enlarge members’ caravan to get longer every day. 

On 23rd Dec’15, the group met BNRI mgmt. submitted 15-points memorandum listing Issues & concerns and had a follow up 2nd meeting on 15th Jan’16. Till then the group strength was quite small and therefore could not put desired weight on BNRI due to small participation of owners. Then focus shifted on enrolling more Flat owners as members and each of them spread the word. On 26th Feb’16 the group first time met BNRI Directors Mr. Pradeep Surekha & Mr. R. K. Agarwal and submitted 28 points memorandum -they gave a patient hearing and agreed to take up at BNRI BoD. There were 3 more meetings with BNRI Directors on 9th and 13th April’16 and on 2nd July’16. During these meetings many issues were amicably resolved and many are under active discussions. 

After such prolonged wait, all owners were dying to meet their future neighbours, the Holi Milan hosted by UWA on 27th March’16 offered that grand opportunity, everyone were so excited and bonded like getting back lost friends and formed into well-knit Urbana family. The number of members has swelled to 350+ by mid of June’16. And the Ladies Group (comprising of member’s wives/female member of the family) worked as true adhesive as they are meeting, chatting, socializing, having fun, even before actual shifting they are a family – possibly Fevicol Ad team can steal idea from this group to run their next promotion: Yeh Fevicol ka jod hai janab...
It’s really rare that so many members are devoting as much time out of their busy schedule for common cause – just because everyone is dreaming for the day when we all will be enjoying fruits of our effort – peaceful & blissful living at our dream adobe - Urbana.


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