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Achievements of UWA

“ In the past Several months , various meetings took place between UWA Committee and BNRI Management / Directors on following dates : “

16th Mar, 2023  - MOM with BNRI 16.03.2023

29th Aug, 2022  - Projected monthly costing 2022-2023 by UFM

02nd Jul, 2022  - Letter to BNRI reg. CAM

27th Jun, 2022  - Letter to BNRI for after EGM

05th Jun, 2022  - Mail sent to BNRI for CAM

24th May, 2022  - Mom of 24.05.22 reg. Cam meeting

06th Dec, 2021  - BNRI INTERACTION

16th Aug, 2021  - Email to BNRI

04th Aug, 2021  - BNRI MEET 04.08.21

21st Jun, 2021  - BNRI MEET ON 21.06.2021

02nd Apr, 2021  - CAM REVIEW NOTE BY UWA 01.04.20 to 31.03.21

14th Jan, 2021  - BNRI MEET ON 14.01.2021

24th Jun, 2020  - BNRI EMAIL REGARDING AMPHAN 2020.

10th Jun, 2020  - Reply of Window/Glass related meeting BNRI.

07th Jun, 2020  - Window/Glass related issues.


08th May, 2020  - UWA CAM team meeting with BNRI/UFM

30th Jul, 2019  - KMC inspection report on TP KHAL with UWA MC

01st Jun, 2019  - BNRI MEET AS ON 01.06.2019

11th May, 2019  - BNRI meet as on 11.05.2019

30th Mar, 2019  - UWA achievements 2018-2019

05th Mar, 2019  - BNRi (UFM) reply of 05.03.2019 letter

15th Dec, 2018  - Frequent Shut Down Flash water services

27th Nov, 2018  - Minutes of the Meeting between Urbana Team & UWA

18th Aug, 2018  - Minutes of the Meeting with Urbana Team & UWA

24th May, 2018  - Points discussed with Urbana Team and UWA

30th May, 2017  - BNRI interaction with UWA

22nd Dec, 2016  - meet on (Infra Sub-Committee)

19th Dec, 2016  - BNRI INTERACTION

01st Oct, 2016  - BNRI INTERACTION

15th Jul, 2016  - meet on (Infra Sub-Committee)

02nd Jul, 2016  - BNRI INTERACTION

25th May, 2016  - BNRI INTERACTION

13th Apr, 2016  - BNRI INTERACTION

26th Feb, 2016  - BNRI interaction

26th Feb, 2016  - BNRI INTERACTION

25th Jan, 2016  - Letter to BNRI

15th Jan, 2016  - Letter BNRI

23rd Dec, 2015  - Letter to BNRI

Based on the interactions and continuous follow-up, UWA shares some of the achievements in different matters :

On Possession matters:

  • In Nov’15, the Promoters sent letter to owners asking for balance 20% payment with interest & other charges (in fact many owners have already paid). UWA convinced the BNRI promoters to agree that no payment would be done without CC from KMC. [Saving: ApproxRs. 4 - 8 lacs/flat in Tower 1, 2, 6 and 7]
  • The promoters have reluctantly agreed that the interest chargeable on late payment (being applied from Nov’15 to CC date) would be waived off.
  • BNRI was insisting on Declaration from flat owners on Stamp paper during handover which was one sided and absolved them from any kind of future claims etc. UWA tried its best to have this required scrapped completely, however reluctantly when left with no options UWA has got the declaration revised and is to be provided on plain paper only.

On Fitout matters:

  • Promoters were asking for PDC and declaration on stamp for the provisional possession for fit out. UWA now made them agree to accept declaration on plain paper and no PDC.
  • Promoters were asking for prior approval of interior drawing to start the interiors. UWA convinced them and now no more required.
  • False ceiling in maid room toilets is being done which was not being done earlier.
  • The rates for fit out for labours was absurdly high which at UWA request have been bought down to a very nominal amount [substantial saving of money]
  • The timing of fit out was 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. earlier which UWA made them agree to 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. on all 7 days [substantial saving of time & money as fit out can be completed much faster]
  • Promoters were not allowing to use Service lift for lifting of materials for fit outs. At UWA request now service lifts will carry all materials to respective floor (except big slabs of Marbles)

On Infrastructure / Services:

  • BNRI had refused to provide Video Door Phone, now at UWA insistence started installing
  • Vodafone network boosters are being installed as and where required to enhance the connectivity inside flats / floors.
  • DTH services of Tata Sky and Airtel have started and will be available in all towers with consistent efforts of UWA. Prior to that residents were only having the option of Siti cable.
  • UWA Infrastructure Sub-committee is actively monitoring and ensuring the water quality and performance of the WTP is up to the desired level. UWA has appointed SGS – renowned independent laboratory for water sample analysis and shared feedback with BNRI-FMC to find most efficient solutions for operation of WTP.
  • Inconsistent water pressure issue has been taken up strongly with BNRI/FMC and pressing to install pressure gauge to monitor the pressure level.
  • Sale of Open Car Parking has been objected by UWA and the same has been stopped.
  • Various issues relating to Facilities, e.g., Lifts, AC, Garbage, Staircase, Pest Control were discussed with BNRI and FMC team and being closely followed up.
  • To have speedy resolution on day to day issues of flat owners, UWA is constantly providing guidance to members and started tower wise log-book on FMC related issues for better accountability at FMC. Common issues are filtered and taken up by the committee with relevant authorities.

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